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104 and counting!

By Jim Gillespie, CEO CB
Posted by Jason Arnold on September 06, 2010 in No Category
By Jim Gillespie     I have been with Coldwell Banker for a long time. In fact, I have “bled blue” for all but one year of my 35-year real estate career. I just computed that I’ve been with our great brand for almost 34% ots existence. Wow! I write this because our great brand is celebrating its 104th birthday today. We are proud to be the nation’s oldest real estate brand. Coldwell Banker was founded on August 27, 1906, in San Francisco out of the ashes of that year’s... read more
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Housing Shortage on the Horizon?

Time To Buy Again
Posted by Terry Prescott on April 01, 2011 in  Real Estate
Daily Real Estate News  March 31, 2011    Housing Shortage on the Horizon? Mike Castleman, founder and CEO of Metrostudy, which tracks real-time data of the country’s inventory of new homes, says a housing shortage is looming that will soon will create a huge surge in demand for new homes. As such, now is the time to buy, he says. In the 41 cities Metrostudy covers, 78,000 houses are either vacant and for sale, or under construction — that is less than a quarter of the new homes ... read more
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What is your Dream Home’s view?

Views of our featured listings at Coldwell Banker Apex, Realtors
Posted by Matthew Young on November 10, 2015 in No Category
Homeownership is part of the American dream.  Ask any generation and they will overwhelmingly agree.  The pros outweigh the cons and the American public has spoken.  However, like snowflakes, no two dreams are exactly alike. Some find peace with the waves crashing against the beach.  Others find solace in being nestled in the mountains.  But, not every market has such amenities.  Here is the Dallas/Fort Worth people strive for different views.  All of which are to escape this ... read more
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Hottest Trends in 2015

What are the hottest trends this year in Real Estate?
Posted by Matthew Young on November 18, 2015 in No Category
What’s hot in 2015?  According to Realtor Mag there is not just 1 hot trend for real estate this year, there are 21.  In December of 2015 Barbara Ballinger predicted her top 21 hot trends for the upcoming year.  (Click here to view article) These trends include colors, floor plans, finishout materials, and bringing technology into the home.  Now short of checking with all current homeowners to see what categories their home improvements fall under, it will be difficult to see what the hott... read more
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Real Estate Investing: On the Upswing

In the first post of the Real Estate Investing series, we explore real estate’s “safe” reputation for investors and what you sho
Posted by Natalie Arnold on October 06, 2016 in No Category
Real Estate Investing: On the Upswing In the first post of the Real Estate Investing series, we explore real estate’s “safe” reputation for investors and what you should consider when looking at investment properties. LES CHRISTIEOCT, 6 2016 The stock market seems overpriced. You don’t earn beans on bond yields these days. Gold scares you. As for savings accounts: Forget about it. The monthly interest will barely buy a cup of coffee Where can you put that nest egg of yours to work? For ... read more
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