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9 Questions To Ask When Searching For A Family Home

Here’s how to find a house your growing family will love for years to come.
Posted by Josh Arnold on May 23, 2017 in No Category
Unless you’re planning on doing your own version of Fixer Upper, the general home-buying rule of thumb is to look for a place you’ll be able to live in for five years or more. So if you have kids (or are about to), you’ll need to look not just at the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, but also consider how a house will work for a crawling baby, curious toddler, rambunctious preschooler and beyond—not to mention multiple children, if that’s your plan. Talk to your&nbs... read more
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Keep Your House Cool Without Breaking the Bank

As amazing as living in Texas is, the heat can be a little much at times. There are many effective ways to keep your house cool.
Posted by Josh Arnold on May 23, 2017 in No Category
I don’t know about you, but I don’t like being too warm. Living in Texas has a long list of advantages. For me, summer heat is not one of them. If you are like me, it’s important to find a way to keep your house cool without breaking the bank. One summer of $400 electric bills was enough to get me to take a second look at my energy habits. So how do you keep your house cool when the average summer temperature in Texas, is in the mid 90s? Here are some easy ways you can save on ... read more
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Who is the Only Real Estate Brand with CBx?

Does your real estate agent have the X-Factor to sell your home?
Posted by Natalie Arnold on April 19, 2017 in No Category
The letter X is arguably the most fascinating of the alphabet. When combined with other words you get some pretty awesome things. Think about it…X-Mas, X-Ray Vision, X-Men. Well Coldwell Banker married CB & X  to create something that no other brand has and because of it, our sales professionals are able to price and market listings in a way that has changed the real estate game forever. CBx is Coldwell Banker Apex's X-Factor and if you are thinking about selling your ... read more
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Is White Marble Right for Your Lifestyle?

Posted by Natalie Arnold on April 18, 2017 in No Category
That gorgeous Carrara and Calacatta marble, with their classic white and gray veining, has been used for centuries in homes and public venues. But these days, this natural marble is striking up a debate among homeowners, contractors and designers. We all love the look, but the debate about the maintenance and wearability is bringing up questions about when white marble is appropriate to use. As the specifying interior designer, I’ve been in the middle of these debates between clients who love the l... read more
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10 Dream Homes for Sports Fanatics

In honor of Opening Day, check out these 10 dream homes for sports fanatics!
Posted by Natalie Arnold on April 03, 2017 in No Category
We all know staying active is important, but sometimes we need a little push. Here are 10 dream homes for sports fanatics that will give you the motivation you need. 1. Basketball 2571 Del Lago Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL listed by Gilles Rais with Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate for $10,900,000. March Madness is upon us and we just have to start the list with this luxurious modern Italian style estate with a waterfront basketball court. Yes, waterfront basketball court overlo... read more
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